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John S. asked:
What are some tips for a prospective groom to communicate what they’re looking for in a diamond engagement ring?

If you are going out to look for an engagement ring I always suggest that you do some homework.

1-Decide in advance what you are comfortable spending (You may spend more or less than your actual decision based on your final selection but KNOW THE RANGE THAT YOU ARE COMFORTABLE IN.

2- Look around & see what shape (THE CUT) of diamond that you like. Round diamonds are the most popular. Princess cuts second.

3- Study the various METALS. See what appeals to you & learn the different price points of these metals.

4- Look at different STYLES- a plain solitaire versus a solitaire with diamonds.

5- Start shopping. Go to different stores. Look on the internet. Get some ideas of the different costs. Remember the diamond cost represents the major part of your purchase.

6- Diamond costs will be based on COLOR(D,E,F,G.H,I,J) any of these colors are acceptable, CLARITY(VS,SI,I) , CUT(round, princess, radiant, oval, marquise) and of course SIZE (½ carat,1 carat, 1.50 carat, 2carat, etc)

7-Once you have narrowed down your choice in metal, diamond type& size, style of ring and the amount that you feel comfortable spending YOU ARE READY!

8- Pick the place where you want to shop, a small store, a large store, a chain store, the internet.

9- Communicate everything you know to the salesperson and try to get the best ring that you can for your money.

Jennifer T. asked:
Are the most durable metals for engagement rings typically the most popular? Which do you recommend and why?

Engagement rings & wedding bands are usually done in 14 karat gold ,18karat gold & platinum or combinations of these metals. Lately a new metal has been added to the mix called palladium. All the metals are extremely durable. The difference between the metals is their purity & their rarity. Platinum & palladium are the purist of the metals since they are 95% pure with 5% alloy.18 karat is next followed by 14 Karat. In the United States 14 karat is the most popular, followed by 18 karat, platinum & palladium. In men’s bands we are also seeing a small trend toward what we refer to as alternative metals such as steel & tungsten.

Why choose one metal over another? Usually the choice is determined by your culture, your desire & your pocketbook!
Platinum is the most expensive of the metals because of its’ purity& rarity.Palladium,even though it is in the platinum family of metals is less rare.

When you are shopping for a ring keep in mind again that all the metals are durable. Just decide what works best for YOU. THEY ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!

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