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Who is Phyllis?

From a bride’s diamond ring to a grandchild’s first tiny locket...from brilliant anniversary jewels to exquisite gifts...

Phyllis Bergman has earned herself a well-deserved, highly respected and unique reputation as a businesswoman who, if not serving as president, holds positions on every meaningful board in the jewelry industry. As a result of her relationships and vast experience, she brings a great sense of style, knowledge and insight to merchandising, trends and has a keen sensibility for what sells.

Her customers rely on her unique perspective which is only one of the many positive attributes we associate with this remarkable woman.

Celebrate the joys of life...

Enterprising Women

Entrepreneur of the Year 2007!
"The Enterprising Women of the Year Award celebration brings together the nation’s finest women entrepreneurs to recognize their accomplishments and celebrate their outstanding achievements. The award recipients are influential, powerful women with high-growth businesses who are leaders in their communities and have given back to mentor other women entrepreneurs."

Women's Jewelry Association

Women's Jewelry Association
Phyllis is a long-time member who serves on th. Board of Directors and has been honored in the WJA Hall of Fame.